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Simplebks is an online accounting solution for small businesses. It allows business owners or their staff to record business transactions and this data is used to generate an on-demand, financial report, inventory report, Financial analysis and business insights. 


weKurnect is raising $1.2M pre-seed round with $100K in hard commitments. They are using digitalization and data to connect and improve the supply of Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Africa to unlock untapped opportunity. They are the only company to achieve this with one manufacturer, 2.5K users, $10m orders processed, and $100K in credit granted to merchants in the last 9 months. They are also currently negotiating contracts with Coca Cola and Reckitt Benckiser. 


Crosspoint is a social aggregation (procurement and finance aggregator) startup helping individuals and organizations aggregate their financial and commercial activities through community buying to generate savings for improved social and financial outcomes. 


Refuel is a South African company that specializes in fuel technology, using its mobile app-controlled refuelling system to provide fuel delivery and software solutions to various industries. 

Its innovative offerings include customized reporting systems, a ‘fuel vault’, and IoT offerings, which are designed to simplify and enhance the refueling experience for consumers while prioritizing their safety. 

Refuel has been recognized for its innovative approach, having been named a finalist in the MTN App of the Year Awards in the 'Most Innovative App' category. Additionally, Refuel was a graduate of the Newchip Accelerator Program in 2022. The company aims to leverage its state-of-the-art technology to support and service a range of industries. 


METOPAY is a peer to peer foreign exchange marketplace where anyone with local African currency (naira for example) can meet another person with foreign currency (dollars, pounds etc.) and they can both carry out their exchange over a secured and transparent platform. 


iRespond is a mental health startup seeking to transform mental health using social connection, recreation and wellness support. 


Storybay provides a platform for the world to see tourism, cultural heritage, and events. We are on a mission to bridge the gap created by COVID-19, war and civil unrest, Immobility, non-affordability, and extinction in the tourism and travel industry through people experiences, well-researched and curated journals, and immersive virtual content. 


RoadPadi is a mobility-as-a-service tech company that helps commuters and companies access transportation assets and services, helping users optimize service delivery and efficiency.

Their fully robust mobility platform, which interconnects with transport and travel services, enables commuters and organizations to plan and execute an entire journey using RoadPadi 


VersusPay is a contactless payment solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mobile money users in Africa, providing a fast and secure way to pay and get paid using QR codes.  


Coventi primarily solves the problem of limited capacities of physical venues amongst other problems by expanding the reach and streaming LIVE, electrifying, and on-demand Afrobeats and entertainment performances to millions of Fans globally on the web, mobile, and TV.

LIVE performances include but are not limited to music, comedies, and stage plays.

Coventi generates revenue from event streaming ticket sales, mobile data revenue in collaboration with Telcos, and also from brand adverts. 


Civily is powering the future of governance through effective citizen-government interaction, ensuring a more collaborative and inclusive society. * We seek to empower the next generation of political participants through increased political literacy, easier access to information, and political empowerment.